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GRR! Fall Programming- Get Into It!

What’s happening at GRR! this fall, you ask? SO MUCH! So much that we had to blog about it. Check out our returning, new, and expanded programs below, and click their links to learn more or register! Here’s some info […]

Girls Rock Camp 2018: week two, day four

Day four of Girls Rock Camp Session 2 is in the books! The day started with lessons! Thursday is effects pedal day at camp, which is always a crowd favorite. Who wouldn’t like making their guitar, bass, or vocals sound […]

Girls Rock Camp 2018: week two, day three

Midweek at our HS edition of Girls Rock Camp has brought lots of colors and diversity. What do we mean? We mean a video screening about women in hip hop and our annual screen-printing workshop – just to name two […]

Girls Rock Camp 2018: week two, day two

So it’s day two at Girls Rock Camp (session 2), but what does that even mean? It means more music, more learning, and more fun! Today, campers honed right in on their musical craft with lessons for their chosen instrument. […]

Girls Rock Camp 2018: week two, day one

Are you ready to ROCK?! Today, was day one of Girls Rock Camp for our high school campers! Welcome, everyone! Campers came in this morning bright and early to meet each other and to start with some icebreakers. What did […]

Girls Rock Camp 2018: week one, day five

It’s the day before the showcase, and the jitters are living within the campers and filling the Philharmonic with nervous and excited energy. Campers had their last instrument lessons today, sharing their parts for their songs and giving each other feedback. […]

Girls Rock Camp 2018: week one, day four

It’s been another successful day at Girls Rock! Camp (#girlsrockcamp). In the morning, campers had instrument lessons and attended a Media Literacy workshop lead by the VITs (Volunteer(s) In Training).   In this workshop, a slideshow was presented, focusing on […]

Girls Rock Camp 2018: week one, day three

The Volunteers in Training didn’t get much of a chance to write today.   They were busy getting ready to lead the Media Literacy workshop tomorrow.   Today, they huddled up with Girls Rock! RI co-directors Hilary Jones and Reza […]

Girls Rock Camp 2018: week one, day two

The day two report from the VITS – Volunteers in Training – who are this week’s oldest campers:   Everyone at camp is having an amazing time!   Campers attended their chosen instrument lessons in the morning and afternoon.   […]

Girls Rock Camp 2018: week one, day one

This week, the oldest campers – the VITS, or Volunteers in Training – are handling documentation: photos and reporting. Today, campers formed bands, and began writing their songs. The VITS began meeting the bands. Here’s what they found out about […]

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