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Girls Camp 2017: day one, week one

The first week of the 2017 Girls Rock Camp season began today, as dozens of campers descended upon Pawtucket’s Jamstage. Some arrived with friends; others didn’t know anyone. Some brought their instruments; others had never played a musical instrument before.   […]

What’s GRR! up to? Spring 2017 edition!

What’s happening with GRR! this spring, you ask? As you’ve probably heard, Girls Rock! RI now has a new headquarters on the west side of Providence at 769 Westminster Street across from Classical, Central, and PCTA high schools, and sharing […]

Day four, week two, summer 2016

  This week, seven former campers were GRITs, part of the Girls Rock Internship Training program.     Today, they wrote letters to future GRITs, reflecting on the experience of growing up at camp and taking on more responsibility in […]

Day three of week two, summer 2016

By day three, the campers have settled into their temporary home for the week.   Their hosts at the Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School are very generous, and the campers have been careful to clean up after themselves.     […]

Day two week two of summer 2016

Alert: the band known as “Fuzzy Tacos” is now “Au”, as in the symbol on the periodic table for gold, and the unnamed band is now “Thee Unnamed”   On day two, the GRITs – the seven former campers who are […]

Day one of week two, summer 2016

For the second of this summer’s Girls Rock Camps, seven former campers are on duty to help document the proceedings in words and photos.   These GRITs (Girls Rock Internship Training program) formed their own band, as well (“True Grits”), […]

2016 week one showcase

  dozens of photos from tonight’s showcase are now online Since Monday, they formed their own bands, they printed their own shirts, and they wrote their own songs. They performed these songs for each other – and several hundred friends […]

Day four of the 2016 Girls Rock Camps!

Wait, it’s already Day Four of the first Girls Rock 2016 camp?! There was lots more team-building. There were two more workshops: one on Body Image, the other on Gender & Politics/Media Literacy. The girls met with their instructors and coaches for instrument and vocal lessons. […]

Day three of the 2016 Girls Rock Camps

The affirmations continued on day three.   The morning workshop was on gender identity and expression.   The afternoon workshop was dedicated to creating band merchandise.   Having collaborated on a band name, and on the beginnings of a song, […]

Day two of the 2016 Girls Rock Camps

Girls Rock Camp is not just about making music.   It’s not just about having fun.   It’s about having fun making music, together.   Girls Rock Camp is the flagship program of Girls Rock Rhode Island, “a volunteer-based non-profit […]

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