What’s happening at GRR! this fall, you ask? SO MUCH!

So much that we had to blog about it. Check out our returning, new, and expanded programs below, and click their links to learn more or register!

Here’s some info relevant to all of our offerings:

  • All of these programs are open to all– no experience necessary!
  • All are free or accessible to all via scholarship!
  • All are open to girls, women, trans, and non-binary participants!
  • Many are available for both youth and adults!
  • Registration is required for most (all without an asterisk)!

Here’s what’s happening:

GROUP LESSONS (youth 11-18 and adults 18+, weekly times varying by class)

Group music lessons provide a chance for you to express yourself in new ways with new skills throughout the year in a low-stress environment! Learn the basics of your instrument, write a song with your group, and perform it at our Community Concert! Guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and keyboard lessons will be starting September 24th.

YOUTH DROP-IN (11-18, Monday-Thursday 3-4pm)*

Youth Drop-In is an opportunity to meet up with other youth, play music together, meet new band members, try new instruments, play games, talk about issues relevant to your life, work on homework, or create fun activities in a supportive setting. Youth Drop-In begins September 10th. Program supported by Newport Festivals Foundation.

BAND BOOSTER (11-21, weekly slots)

Band Booster is a new program where bands can learn how to be bands! Bands get a weekly practice time at our space (gear included!) and learn how to practice effectively, record their music, book shows, and promote themselves with the support of their own band coach. Only three slots available, so get them while they’re hot! Program supported by Newport Festivals Foundation.

GENDER DISCUSSION GROUP (14-18, every Monday from 4-5pm)

Talk it out! Gender Discussion Group is youth-led and co-facilitated, with youth both selecting the topics and leading the conversation! Each week you pick a different topic, which has included issues such as: Healthy Relationships, Beyonce, LGBTQ+ Issues, Gender in Film, and more! Learn to facilitate conversations on interesting topics and share your opinions in a supportive space. Gender Discussion Group Begins September 24th.

DON’T READ THE COMMENTS ARTICLE CLUB (adults 18+, every Monday from 7-9pm)*

Article Club is your chance to talk about all those articles you just read on the internet… IN PERSON! An “article” could mean anything from a piece in a newspaper, magazine, or blog, to a journal article, short story, or a book chapter, or basically any media. Don’t stress if you miss a week– this is really about the conversation! RSVP here!

LADIES ROCK CAMP (adults 18+, November 9th-11th)

Learn an instrument, join a band, write an original song, and perform it live, all in just 3 days! It’s your chance to get the Girls Rock Camp experience you missed, as an adult– you deserve it!