Are you ready to ROCK?! Today, was day one of Girls Rock Camp for our high school campers! Welcome, everyone! Campers came in this morning bright and early to meet each other and to start with some icebreakers. What did they do? Below are a few highlights:

  • Campers set some ground rules for rockin’ this week to help set the tone and make it a safe space for all voices.
  • Next, campers networked with one another to form bands based on their instrument choices and preferred genre of music. This part can be difficult, but in the end, we formed 6 new bands that are excited to start making fabulous and funky sounds together!
  • Campers also took in a songwriting workshop and had their first day of instrument lessons to learn the basic mechanics of their instrument – guitar, keyboard, bass, vocals, or drums! We have quite the mix this year!
  • Inspiration came in the form of poet and lunchtime performer “Marie Michaelle” who wowed the campers with stories about Haiti and adventures in performing.
  • And at the end of the day, campers gathered together to check out and reflect on first day jitters and new friendships.


Today has been an AMAZING first day and we know it’s going to be a ROCK SOLID week of gamp here at Girls Rock R! Tune in tomorrow to see how our musicians are progressing towards the final showcase on Saturday. Until then, here are a few pics for your enjoyment.