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You can access our practice booklets by clicking on the links: Ukulele booklet: Bass booklet: Keyboards booklet: Guitar booklet:

Join Our Virtual Music Sessions and Learn an Instrument!

We want to keep the music alive and invite you to take part in our virtual music sessions which will be taking place via Instagram Livestream starting today. Follow us girlsrockri on Instagram and Facebook! Suggested donation $10 – pay […]

Girls Rock Camp 2019- Session 2 Day 4

Can you believe it’s already Thursday?! Woah, where did the week go?! Today did not disappoint, all bands are putting the final touches on their songs and are getting super psyched to perform on Saturday, some pedals and special effects […]

Girls Rock Camp 2019- Session 2 Day 3

Pizza Wednesday was a good day! – all bands have revealed their official names, everyone made a t-shirt with the logo of their band AND we got to enjoy some delicious ice cream in the middle of a fine Summer […]

Girls Rock Camp 2019- Session 2 Day 2

Tuesday is upon us and with that, a new day filled with possibilities! – campers arrived bright and early to get back to work on their original song and start working on their band logo for tomorrow’s merch workshop. The […]

Girls Rock Camp 2019- Session 2 Day 1

Camp season isn’t over yet! Session 2 is now in full swing and our High School-aged campers are here to rock! As part of the Girls Rock! culture we believe in, we want to make sure we are creating a […]

Girls Rock Camp 2019- Session 1 Day 5

It’s a sad day, but it’s also a busy day! Campers had their final music lessons today, where they went over and practiced their songs. It’s amazing how many campers went into the week with zero experience with their instrument, […]

Girls Rock Camp 2019- Session 1 Day 4

Day four kicked off with an icebreaker to get the day started, followed by all campers going to instrument lessons. The drummers learned a new beat and a transition, the guitarists learned how to bend strings and do hammer-ons, keyboardists […]

Girls Rock Camp 2019- Session 1 Day 3!

Day three of session one Girls Rock camp was full of successes! Their first workshop today was one about healthy relationships, which could be a heavy topic for some campers but as always, the facilitators found a way to lighten […]

Girls Rock Camp 2019- Session 1 Day 2!

Day two for session one campers started off with breakfast and an introduction, followed by some campers going to a workshop and others going to instrument lessons. In today’s morning workshop, the campers covered the topic of Gender Identity. It […]