It’s the day before the showcase, and the jitters are living within the campers and filling the Philharmonic with nervous and excited energy.

Campers had their last instrument lessons today, sharing their parts for their songs and giving each other feedback.

Following was a yoga workshop, which was both fun and relaxing. Campers stretched and went over yoga poses, then gave each other compliments to bring positivity!

The lovely guests playing the lunch performance was the band “Gertrude Atherton,” which brought everyone to their feet.

During the last band practices, everyone smoothed over their songs before performing them for the other campers in the drum room; it was a good taste of an audience before going onstage tomorrow at the MET.

Cupcakes were served at snack time, thanks to Sin Bakery, which brought a smile to many faces. Speaking of smiles, the closing Friday activity is a favorite of many because of the support that everyone gives. Campers tape a piece of paper on their backs and write positive comments on each others’ papers with markers. This way, the memories will always linger within everyone, boosting confidence and reminding them that they are loved.

Make sure you show up at 2:30 tomorrow at the MET in Pawtucket to see these awesome rock-stars take over the stage!