The Volunteers in Training didn’t get much of a chance to write today.


They were busy getting ready to lead the Media Literacy workshop tomorrow.


Today, they huddled up with Girls Rock! RI co-directors Hilary Jones and Reza Clifton, paring down their ideas and making sure their presentation is focused.


Meanwhile, in today’s workshop, campers talked about healthy relationships with Sophonie LaFortune of Sojourner House.


Campers read through case studies of three women in relationships, and talk through the scenarios.


Then a lively conversation followed.


What do you expect out of love?



What are signs of a healthy relationship?



What are signs of an unhealthy relationship?



Band practices were busy.


The first two days had been full of writing lyrics and writing parts.



Now, several bands are already onto rehearsing.



In drum lessons, drummers showed each other the beats from their bands’ songs.



They also went through basic fills, using huckleberry ice cream and other onomatopoeia that would be familiar to anyone who knows drummer – and GRR! volunteer – Rachel Blumberg.



These songs will be performed live, for the first time, at the Met Cafe at Saturday’s showcase.



The bands will all be there, dressed in their band t-shirts, which they all screenprinted in this afternoon’s workshop.