Group Lessons

You can rock out all year long with Girls Rock! Rhode Island’s Group Lessons! Group Lessons are taught by our experienced instructors at our space at 763 Rear Westminster Street in Providence. Classes run in the winter, spring and fall.  We are currently offering group lessons for youth and adults in vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and ukulele for the Winter 2020 session. Classes start the week of February 3rd and run for 10 weeks. For more information and to register for winter group lessons go to the registration page here.

Gear Loan

Our Gear Loan program allows campers and volunteers to borrow music gear throughout the year with only a small deposit, providing music access to all.

Youth Drop-In

Our Youth Drop-In Program is an opportunity for youth ages 11-18 to meet up with other youth, play music together, try new instruments, play games, talk about issues relevant to their lives, work on homework, or create fun activities of their choosing in a supportive setting. No experience necessary! We have instruments and other music gear available during drop-in hours for participants to use. There is no fee to attend Youth Drop-In and it is staffed by volunteers who are experienced musicians that are able to provide guidance and support.

Gender Discussion Group

Gender Discussion Group is a youth-led discussion group to talk about everything that you don’t get to talk about in school, but wish you did! Each week there will be a topic, such as “Beyonce”, “The Election”, or “Feminism”, and together we’ll share what we know, our opinions about it, and how it affects our lives (and if relevant, how we can change it)! Gender Discussion Group is open to youth ages 14-18 (high school age) and there is no fee to attend.

Gear Share & Show and Tell

Gear Share & Show and Tell is your chance to share your cool gear with others and to go behind the scenes of other people’s set-ups to see how they make their magic. Bring in an amp/pedal/guitar/keyboard/circuit-bent children’s toy/drum machine/contact mic, etc. and tell people how it works (or learn how it works together!) or just try out GRR!’s gear or that of your brand new buddies. What DO all those knobs DO? What types of cables do I need to make this doohicky work? How did they make that awesome sound? Come on by to share your knowledge and learn from others. No experience necessary! This program is all ages. Contact us with questions or info about the next date.

Girls Get Loud

Girls Get Loud after school programming takes the elements of Girls Rock Camp – learning instruments, writing songs and more – and spreads them throughout the school year. Programs are available on-site at schools and community organizations.  Interested in programs for you or your organization?  Contact us!

Full Program

Following the format of Girls Rock Camp, participants will learn one instrument, join a band, write an original song, and perform it live at the end of the session.  Participants will also attend workshops on topics like the history of women who rock, relational aggression (girl bullying), and media literacy and attend group lessons (approximately 2-4 per group) and weekly band practices with a final performance for their peers and GRR! supporters.

Intro to Rocking Program

Participants will be introduced to guitar, bass, drums, and vocals and receive lessons on all four instruments. They will also participate in open jam sessions with other participants and instructors and write a song together as a group.

Instrument Lessons

Participants will learn one instrument throughout the session in lesson groups led by female-identified instructors. Lessons at one setting could be offered in one to four different instruments, depending on demand and capacity/space constraints. If multiple instruments are offered concurrently, joint instruction and music-making would be encouraged as well.

Girls Get Loud Workshops

Participants will attend workshops on music, art, and/or gender-centric topics. Number and length of workshops can be tailored to the setting.