Day four of Girls Rock Camp Session 2 is in the books!

The day started with lessons! Thursday is effects pedal day at camp, which is always a crowd favorite. Who wouldn’t like making their guitar, bass, or vocals sound like an alien or distorted like their favorite band? Part of our sounds and self-expression is about what we play or what we say or do when we play it. But part of it is about how we craft the sound, and each instrument (and it’s accompanying technology) has different sounds to help us in our self-expression. Nova One, who performed at lunch, spoke about the sound they use, which was described as “floating in the universe”. How does one float in the universe with their guitar? Apparently, a delay pedal and tremolo can make it happen!

The day also included two more workshops, both certified hits, including a Media Literacy workshop by Jaclyn Griffith, which delved into presentation and representation of empowerment in music videos and song lyrics, and the afternoon workshop, which was a panel/group/small group discussion on Body Image and Identity.

Campers headed to their band practices and took band photos with Cat Laine of Painted Foot photography. The day ended with a beautiful moment: a dance party, which culminated with the campers organically forming a giant circle holding hands and dancing to Paramore’s “Still Into You”.

Campers and volunteers alike are increasingly getting excited about Saturday’s showcase! Join us, won’t you?