Day three of session one Girls Rock camp was full of successes! Their first workshop today was one about healthy relationships, which could be a heavy topic for some campers but as always, the facilitators found a way to lighten it up while still being educational. The next part of their day was lessons up until lunch, and after that part of their day was band practice and t-shirt design!

This second workshop is always a fun time for campers since not only do they get to design their own t-shirt for their band, but they also get to screen print them!

Half of the campers went to a long band practice while the others worked on their shirts, and then it switched. The songs are really coming along, writing music and lyrics and pulling it all together.

The outcome of the shirts was amazing as usual and will go beautifully with their awesome songs; if you want to see them on the band members in person, come to the showcase on Saturday at The Met!