Day four kicked off with an icebreaker to get the day started, followed by all campers going to instrument lessons. The drummers learned a new beat and a transition, the guitarists learned how to bend strings and do hammer-ons, keyboardists practiced the chords they are using for their bands’ songs and did some improvisation, the vocalists sang doe a deer and worked on writing their songs, and the bassists continued to hold it down.

After lessons, the campers attended their first workshop of the day: media literacy, run by the VITs (volunteers in training). The workshop opened with an icebreaker and was followed by a short video starring the campers, themselves. Earlier in the week, the VITs interviewed some bands about their take on media literacy and edited it into one clip, which was then played in the workshop. In the workshop, campers moved around the room and analyzed photos and advertisements and decided whether they were good, bad, or neutral media representation. They regrouped after and had a group discussion and shared their thoughts. Activities like these opens campers’ minds to the power all types of media has on our lives and on society as a whole.

Everyone attended a lunch performance by Phoenix and campers were up and dancing!

Then the second workshop that the campers attended, which was Body Image and Movement, started after lunch. They learned stances for kickboxing and cool punches like the jab. They also got to use boxing gloves and do different types of kickboxing techniques such as high kicks and where arms should be placed. Near the end of the workshop campers if they wanted to were able to take their skills to the test. They got to try the moves with the instructor one by one. Then, in the end the campers had a small discussion.

Closing was run by the GRITs (Girls Rock In Training) for the last 15 minutes of Day 4!

The campers have been making outstanding progress in band practices. Make sure to come by The Met at 2:00 on Saturday to watch all of their hard work pay off!