The day two report from the VITS – Volunteers in Training – who are this week’s oldest campers:


Everyone at camp is having an amazing time!


Campers attended their chosen instrument lessons in the morning and afternoon.


Keyboard lessons in specific focused on arpeggios and learned a selection of minor chords, playing composed chord progressions in rhythm with each other.


The guitarists are strumming themselves a path to an amazing song in the works, and the drummers are pounding out beats that will bring the backbeat at our soon-to-be crazy showcase this Saturday.


A very big thank you to Jen, today’s drum instructor for providing an exceptional educational role model for our drummers! action video on instagram




Campers participated in the Gender Identity and Power and Privilege workshops where they partook in various activities, such as describing parts of themselves that make them unique, discussing stereotypes for genders, and sharing personal thoughts.


In the Power and Privilege workshop, campers assembled into small groups to talk about how peoples assumptions affect individual’s behavior.


Lots of friendly behavior was displayed as high-fives and appreciative smiles were shared.


Soon after, the “step forward, step back” activity began.


This involved a statement such as “step forward if you see people like you portrayed positively in the media” followed by campers stepping forward if this applied to them and backward if it did not.


It was clear this activity made an impact on the campers, as they took a moment to look around and reflect on where each of their peers stood.


The purpose of this exercise was to display how societal constructs impact how we move around in the world.


Swiftly afterward the rambunctious noise of chair moving filled the recital hall to signal the shift to group discussion.


They concentrated on the many isms: Sexism, Racism, Ableism and Colorism to explain how discrimination can come in many forms. Overall it was a productive workshop.


Of course, each band had time to practice their songs together in a scheduled rehearsal, a favorite time for many campers.


With every day, their songs grow and progress into what is heard at the end of the week at the showcase.


It’s already been a great week!