This week, the oldest campers – the VITS, or Volunteers in Training – are handling documentation: photos and reporting.

Today, campers formed bands, and began writing their songs. The VITS began meeting the bands. Here’s what they found out about the first six:


Instructors: Alex and Crikkett
Band name: Striped Polka Dots


Instructors: Darlene and Jill
Band name: Sa-fire Diamonds
Song feel and vibe: Love & jealousy, dark and angry, warm and empowered


Instructors: Sierra and Louisa
Band name: Zans
Song feel and vibe: Indie alternative, upbeat dance vibe


Instructors: Rikki and Sophie
Band name: Cherry Melon Bombz
Song feel and vibe: Slow, mellow


Instructors: Vera
Song feel and vibe: Alternative pop, pop/punk, R&B


Instructors: Jacqui, Louisa
Band name: The Drop Outs
Song feel and vibe: Sad/upbeat with a story


At the end of the day, campers gathered in the workshop room to reflect on first day jitters and new memories. The link arms activity served as a bringing together of future friends and the call to arms for awesome music making.