Alert: the band known as “Fuzzy Tacos” is now “Au”, as in the symbol on the periodic table for gold, and the unnamed band is now “Thee Unnamed”


On day two, the GRITs – the seven former campers who are documenting camp this week – captured video from the group lessons, including the sound of eleven drummers drumming.


They also wrote the wishes they have for this week’s campers:


What I wish for the campers is for them to be heard by others and not get criticized for speaking up.


If I could wish anything for the campers, it’d be that, by the end of this week, they’d go back to their own communities and be able to carry forward the confidence they’ve build and the values they’ve learned. 


Ideally they’d be able to share in empowering others around them. It’s amazing for each of the campers to be a part of this, and be empowered themselves, but if this empowerment is able to come full circle, it’s amazing to think what could happen.


day two 10047

I’d wish that the campers would develop a faith in themselves and their abilities, and feel confident about who they are. I think that’s important in order to figure out your talents, to feel good about yourself. 



day two 10058

I wish for the campers to hold on to making music and playing their instruments. I made the mistake of not picking up a guitar until a year and a half later and had to start over.



day two 10057

I wish for the campers to come to GRR! again and hopefully become GRITs.



day two 10056


I wish for them to be involved with the GRR! building on Westminster Street.


day two 10055


I really hope they incorporate music into their everyday lives and career when they are adults, whether it be making up jingles for commercials or touring around the world with their band.



day two 10054

I wish all the girls at GRR! close relationships among these unknown people in their band. To me, that’s the most important thing that happens here.



day two 10053


I would wish that the campers could find support and dare I say communal love, and carry it with them like a heart on their cheek and share it with those around them.



day two 10052

I see them smile and laugh and want it to last forever. Bad things happen but if they can look back at this one funny moment at lunch where their new best friend split water all over herself, they can pull themselves out of sadness.


day two 10048


I want them to learn more about themselves and the people around them. Recognizing our differences and accepting them makes it easier to love ourselves.

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