august camp 9986

For the second of this summer’s Girls Rock Camps, seven former campers are on duty to help document the proceedings in words and photos.


august camp 9987

These GRITs (Girls Rock Internship Training program) formed their own band, as well (“True Grits”), and participated in the group instrument lessons.


august camp 9988

Guitarists went over open chords.


august camp 9992

Drummers practiced the huckleberry ice cream beat, and traded tips on how to recover from a dropped drumstick.


august camp 9994

The vocals lesson went over breathing, and broke down the structure of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.


august camp 9999

The keyboardists reviewed the basics of the triad.


august camp 10000

The bassists found G, C and F while exploring basslines from Fall Out Boy and Twenty One Pilots.


august camp 9990

The GRITs also tried to capture some of that first day feeling by reflecting back on what it was like to be a first-time camper.


august camp 9991

I walked in the building on my first day as a Girls Rock camper nervous out of my mind. In general, new places and people always scare me. But when I entered the room where the other campers were gathered something must have clicked, because I felt safe in that environment and I found myself able to talk to people, which is quite an incredible feat for an extremely shy 11-year-old. 


august camp 9993

Girl: woman and powerful
Rock: music and sound
Girls rock: different, amazing


august camp 9995

I arrived at the Philharmonic, and the first thing I noticed was the large-ness of everything. Then I saw the fifty campers and I was like “wooow.”


august camp 9989

The singing like important, cause you have to just keep going and just make it up as you go along if you forget, cause the audience doesn’t know your song, or the words, so just like have fun.


august camp 9996

Playing the drums for the first time was strange/intimidating, but my want to get better and continue it has definitely been beneficial in my life.


august camp 9997

One of the the amazing things in the Girls Rock community is all the positivity. Everyone is so helpful and confident in each other as the week goes on, and wonderful bonds between campers, and with teachers/GRITs/volunteers start to form.


august camp 9998

First band: Jumpstart.

Very cringy.

Couldn’t figure out lyrics.

Foot was broken.

Wasn’t confident w. voice or self.

Really cool venue.

Super fun to perform.

Super good french fries at the end.


And now…


the ten camper bands that formed today at camp…

debuting at Friday’s Showcase more on that

august camp 10002

Jet Black Souls


august camp 10012

Fuzzy Tacos


august camp 10004



august camp 10005

Ginger Snaps


august camp 10006

Feminine Felines


august camp 10007

Vegan Manticores


august camp 10008

The Pack


august camp 10009

Five-star Pandas


august camp 10010

Bleu Thunder


august camp 10011

Fifth Mahogany


more photos from day one