drummers 10071

By day three, the campers have settled into their temporary home for the week.


drummers 10070

Their hosts at the Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School are very generous, and the campers have been careful to clean up after themselves.



The main recital hall became a dance hall as Bummer, today’s lunch time performers, filled the space with music.


drummers 10069

(Thanks also to Monday’s performers, Secret Circle)


drummers 10068

The bass players paraded through the halls during their lesson.


drummers 10067

(It was part of an exercise in moving while keeping the beat)


drummers 10066

As GRITs have in years before, the Girls Rock Internship Training program team had a photo shoot in the overgrown playground behind the school.


drummers 10065

A rehearsal room roared as the guitarists reviewed their growing arsenal of chords.


drummers 10064

Next door, there was silence, as a band took a “brain break” to play a game of statues.


drummers 10063

The afternoon workshop was for making band merchandise.

Bands made their own buttons, designed their own logos, and screenprinted a set of t-shirts for themselves.


drummers 10061

At day’s end, the screenprinting instructor let the GRITs rummage through her collection of shirts from years past.


drummers 10060

At the bottom, this GRIT found a treasure: a shirt her first band made, at camp five years ago.


dozens more photos from day three