day one 9981

The first week of the 2016 Girls Rock Camps began today.

day one 9980

This week is for high school age campers (August’s camp will be for ages eleven to thirteen).

day one 9979

The adults who make the camp happen are all volunteers: the instructors, band coaches, workshop leaders and lunchtime performers (today, Tai from Boo City performed).

day one 9978

By the end of the first day, the bands had formed and chosen their names.

day one 9976

They’ll spend the next three afternoons writing their first songs.

day one 9974

At Friday’s Showcase, 6pm at Aurora, the world is invited to see them perform.

day one 9975

Ladies and gentleman, Girls Rock Rhode Island presents, for the first time ever, tired, happy and slightly out-of-focus:

day one 9973

Suburban Monarchy

day one 9972

Coffee Stained Lips

day one 9971

Untitled Four

day one 9970

Post from the Coast

day one 9969


day one 9968

and When Seagulls Steal.

Have you heard? They’ll all be performing at Aurora in Providence, Friday at 6pm!