Five girls who participated in last year’s Girls Rock Internship and Training program – GRITs – have returned this year.

These post-GRITs are collaborating on documenting this year’s camp.

Here are their post-Grit notes:

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Today was one of the most exciting days of guitar practice; today the girls got guitar pedals.

Guitar pedals are the small boxes that make guitars sound funky, distorted, echoey, and a plethora of other ways.

The girls absolutely loved playing with the pedals, as anyone around a one hundred mile radius could hear.

The favorite among the girls seemed to be the distortion pedal, giving a extra rocking roller sound.

We look forward to hearing the girls play clean or edgy guitar as the showcase. Will you be there to hear it?


Survival Tools for Girls


In the “Survival Tools for Girls” workshop, the girls started with an icebreaker requiring them to tangle and untangle themselves from the group while introducing each other.


It continued with an activity challenging their imagination.



The main part of the workshop was spent making a skit based on topics like, “Why are women underestimated?” and “How do you help a depressed friend?”



The campers showed a lot of insight into these situations, and ended the event on a positive note, listing what makes them an awesome person.



The fun never ends

You might think that after four busy days of camp, everyone would be completely exhausted… but they’re not.

That incredible positive energy that starts the first second of camp on Monday continues all week.

You will, of course, see this in the showcase on Friday night, but you could see it today in the hallways of the Philharmonic…


Laura Kaplan!

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Laura Kaplan.

So many props to this wonderful vegan chef.

She makes sure there’s enough food for for all the campers every day, and she looks out for many hungry volunteers.

Every day Laura has blessed the volunteers and campers with vegan delights ranging from fancy salads and amazing brownies to spectacular pot-pies.

Laura the food coordinator has a lot to pride herself on.

Everyone at Girls Rock adores Laura for her positive attitude, for her ability to keep food, as well as the eaters of that food, in check, and also for her love of Girls Rock in general.



Get your hashtag ready!

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Today, the post-GRITs set up an Instagram!

Follow us @GirlsRockRI and when you tweet or post photos tomorrow remember to add #grri.


Everyone rocks

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Have you ever thought about how often you say the words “I’m sorry”?

So many people say this more often than they need to, especially girls.

Girls Rock! attacks this problem right off the bat.

Whenever a camper (or even a volunteer) says “I’m sorry” when she doesn’t really need to, she must correct herself by saying “I rock!”

This rule may seem very simple, but it is a great way to boost the girls’ confidence in themselves, their ideas, and everything they do.


The vast army of volunteers

As the wizards behind the curtain, the volunteers for the Girls Rock Camp are the unsung heroes of the week (and the weeks before, and after, and all of the preparation which culminates in camp).


They plan out the lessons, eke out every minute of the day to keep campers entertained and excited, prepare the food, move the equipment (with help from the fabulous GRITs), and do absolutely everything to make this place such a magical experience!


They make the early morning lessons a joy to wake up for, give advice and consolation as we begin to fear upcoming deadlines and help us find that note or rhythm we just can’t seem to get right, and working tirelessly to help campers reach their maximum potential (while always raising the bar).


It’s no wonder that the coffee pot is always chugging!


These titans of music and organization are always smiling, ensuring a heightened energy level that keeps camp as dynamic as possible.


These are the teachers that build our confidence brick by brick, and help us to realize our goals and to make new ones along the way.


You are the people that have nurtured an environment that lets us be whoever we want to be.

And for that, we thank you.

photos from the first four days of camp

notes on day three…