The first week of the 2017 Girls Rock Camp season began today, as dozens of campers descended upon Pawtucket’s Jamstage.

Some arrived with friends; others didn’t know anyone.

Some brought their instruments; others had never played a musical instrument before.


Today, the campers formed bands.

Over the course of the week, each band will write a song.

On Friday, they will perform these songs for friends, family, and the general public at Aurora Providence (6PM sharp). you’re invited, and so are all of your friends

It’s a dare that campers take every year, without knowing exactly how it will all turn out.


Today, they pledged to do their best, to communicate directly, to listen to one another, to try not to say “I’m sorry”, and to be a croissant, not a bagel (ask a camper what that means).

Today’s first group decision: band names! Friday night will have the debut of

Another Dimension
Rose Moon
Pulling Daisies
The Darker Side
Punk Tsock
and one still-pending unnamed band.


Women volunteers are everywhere at camp, teaching instrument lessons, leading workshops, serving as band coaches, and performing (and taking questions) at lunchtime concerts.

Thanks to today’s lunchtime performer, Jen Long, who talked about music and activism between songs.


Jen even let a camper try her Whale Guitar.


Thanks also to Seven Stars Bakery for helping feed the campers and volunteers today.


Rest up tonight, campers. Here’s a peek at day two.

ahead to day two