We’re so happy to be bringing back our Volunteer Spotlight series, where we tell you all about all the awesome folks that make Girls Rock! Rhode Island’s magic happen!  If you’d like to join our amazing volunteer team, you can visit our year-round volunteer page or Girls Rock Camp volunteer page (no musical experience necessary!) to learn more!
With that, we’d like to start off this Volunteer Appreciation Week with the totally awesome Roz Raskin, of Roz Raskin and the Rice Cakes!

Who are you and tell us a little bit about yourself and your background with music?

I’m Roz Raskin and I am currently singing and playing keyboards (amongst other instruments) with the Rice Cakes. I come from a family of music lovers so I’d like to think it’s in my blood. My dad put me into piano lessons when I was five and I continued til high school when I joined jazz bands and began improvising. I also picked up the guitar in middle school and began singing with friends and writing songs. I’ve always wanted to create interesting and catchy music, and I like to think I’m doing that in someway with the Rice Cakes.

What was your role at last years Girls Rock Camp?

Last year at Girls Rock Camp, I was the keyboard instructor.

What did you take away from your camp experience?

Girls Rock! RI is honestly one of sweetest experiences I’ve had in my life. The campers and the volunteers accomplish so much in so little time and it’s pretty mind-boggling to witness how well everyone works together. I’m so proud to say that I got a chance to work with so many wonderful, giving, and talented women.

What was your favorite camp moment?

It’s quite difficult to pick one moment out in particular. When I was in the group lessons, it was pretty awesome to see the girls working so hard knowing how little time we had.

Why should someone volunteer for Girls Rock! Rhode Island?

It’s fun, rewarding, and all around kick ass. It’s also very challenging. I had never taught so many girls by myself but I went with the flow. The girls were so eager to learn to play which made it easier to teach overall.