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Adrienne is 13 years old and lives in Providence. This was her third year attending Girls Rock Camp, and she’s played a different instrument every year! (She rocked out so hard last summer that she also inspired her mom Stacy to do Ladies Rock Camp in the spring.) This year, she was the lead vocalist in her band “Soul Goddess” and sang about anime. 


I’m weird.

I do random stuff, like sing for no reason or come up with words that are just weird. And that’s unfamiliar with people. I think it’s kind of funny. The stuff just pops up in my mind. And I don’t remember it the next day.

I feel more comfortable here than at school, because we’re all girls and we’re all interested in the same things. So it’s different than school. There’s no boys around, so they can’t judge you. And we all get along real quick. Because usually when you’re at school, you don’t get along real fast. Like you slowly work up to it.

This is my third year here. For the first year I did guitar. Then I switched it over to bass. And then last year, I did drums. I wanted to try different things.

We all want to learn different types of instruments and be more talented than you already are. I think it’s important because we can all connect, and then if we all separate, we still have contact with each other.

We were thinking, my band was thinking, to continue our band. So we’re trying to find a place where we can still play.


Adrienne’s story is part of a weekly series called ON THE MIC that shares voices and faces from camp this summer. A new story will be posted every Tuesday through the end of the year. The stories are produced by Alex Braunstein of One Little Did.

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