Five girls who participated in last year’s Girls Rock Internship and Training program – GRITs – have returned this year.

These post-GRITs are collaborating on documenting this year’s camp.

Here are their post-Grit notes:


Lots of Progress(ions)

It is always amazing how much campers learn in just a few hours.


keyboards 7379

A few of the girls in keyboard lessons have had prior experience with the instrument, but for most of them it’s their first time playing.


keyboards 7377

By the end of the second day of camp, these campers had already learned over six different chords and scales.


keyboards 7378

Not only were they learning new chord progressions, they started writing their own!


keyboards 7376

Everything that they’ve done and will do will definitely lead to some fantastic songs.


keyboards 7375


GRITs are the Girls Rocking Internship Program

The GRITs program is in its second year, and is going off without a hitch!

grits practice 7383

All six new GRITs are have taken camp by storm as they act as in-classroom teaching assistants, equipment organizers, and essentially keep the world of Girls Rock! camp on its axis and rotating.


grits practice 7382

Somewhat behind the scenes, they are still one of the more mysterious aspects of camp, their absolute awesomeness is hard to capture on camera as they run back and forth between their various responsibilities.


grits practice 7381

At the end of the day, they did sit still for a few minutes to have their own band practice.


grits practice 7384

As veteran campers, the GRITs of 2014 have been stellar in their new roles as leaders of camp, creating a even better camp experience than years before!


Scenes from the first two days

sophia 7355

Even better the second time around: sitting down at a piano for only the second time, this Girls Rocker blissfuly played a few chords which she finally grasped.


sophia 7356

Hearing the music, this GRIT wrote down her thoughts in the form of lyrics to later use in a song.


sophia 7357

Ever thought you can’t play an instrument? Try playing one that’s almost bigger than you. This eleven-year-old picked up a guitar for the first time, the one almost as big as herself, eventually strumming a few chords after learning how to hold a guitar. Embracing all the challenges put forth, all the campers trudge through and face everything with a positive attitude.


sophia 7358

Lovely leaders: lovingly leading the young vocalists, this GRIT sings with the campers. Practicing what they preach, they include everyone,work together, and rock out, capturing the essence of Girls Rock.


The Image and Identity Workshop

Today the girls attended a workshop where they discussed the similarities and differences between one’s “image” and one’s “identity”.

The girls then compared and contrasted someone’s identity and someone’s image.


They watched a clip from the film Beauty and the Beast where Belle was walking through her town, which led to a bigger discussion.


notes on day one…

notes on day three…