Have you heard of the 10 newest bands in RI??

They formed Monday – on Day One of the second session of Girls Rock! RI’s summer camp! 


Gurly Fries, Silver Lining, Klean, BTS (Beautiful Time Signature), Floral Funeral, Hungry Ocean, Northern Lights, Black Ice, Saber Unicorns and… one still to be determined (the creative process takes time)!

There’s also an 11th band made up of so-called GRITs, or camp alums taking part in our Girls Rock Internship Training program. Its name? Constructive Griticism!

What’s this all about? This week at the RI Philharmonic in East Providence, 50 campers ages 11-13 are learning instruments, writing original songs, attending workshops, and getting ready to perform their music. Live, on-stage, and for the first time ever – for YOU.

The final showcase is at The Met in Pawtucket at 5 p.m. on Friday. Deets here. See you there?

Really, we can’t wait.

Here are some pictures from the first two days of camp. Get a glimpse of the magic.

Finally, here’s a dispatch written by our VITs (Volunteers in Training) about Day One. They know what it’s like – they’ve been there before!

The younger campers formed their bands without any anxiety. They are not picky or cliquey and are very open to creating a band with someone they don’t know. It’s admirable how judgement-free they are willing to be. By the end of the week, it will be as if they’ve known each other for years, which is amazing to watch!

On the first day of drum lessons, campers old and new sat down and got to know one another. Many had prior drum experience, while others were playing the instrument for the first time. Despite the differences in experience, everyone was super pumped and excited to learn!

Workshops yesterday had campers singing with their volunteers and VIT’s showcase the construction of a song from beginning to end. We had a lot of fun with our newly written “Bird Song.” Lots of giggles and laughter to kick start the week!

In their very first band practice, first time campers can sometimes have the jitters–working together in a band can be very scary! Bands got to know one another, created their community agreements and band names, and got to work on their songs. They are already working together super well! Jam sessions are going swimmingly and some sick tunes are being belted out. Some rad songs will be coming along in no time.