It’s Wednesday, and the songs are coming together.


Good thing, too: Friday’s showcase is coming soon.


The bands are working together on more than just their songs.


Today was the merchandise-making and silk screening workshop, a perennial favorite.


Band logos were printed on everything within reach.


As any music fan will tell you, wearing a band’s shirt is a way of belonging to something.


Now imagine how that sense of belonging is amplified when you’re a member of that band, and you designed the logo as a team, and printed the shirts yourselves.


Between the workshops and band practices, campers also get instruction in their individual instruments.


Even in the lessons, they explore the power of working together.


Who else is part of the Girls Rock circle? In addition to the volunteers, camp is fueled by sponsors and donors.


Campers got outside today when Like No Udder sent their frozen dessert truck this afternoon.


More amazing edibles were provided by the good people at Whole Foods and Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches.


Thanks to the Gordon School for their continued sponsorship of Girls Rock Camp (and for sending dozens of campers and volunteers every year).


Thanks also to the team at 186 Carpenter, which is hosting a fundraiser for GRR! tonight at seven pm, led by board member and camp keyboard instructor Roz Grace.


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