day three 9978

The affirmations continued on day three.


day three 9977

The morning workshop was on gender identity and expression.


day three 9976

The afternoon workshop was dedicated to creating band merchandise.


day three 9975

Having collaborated on a band name, and on the beginnings of a song, these campers were prepared to design a logo together.


day three 9974

After a quick silkscreening lesson, the product appeared.


day three 9970

Dysfunctional Darlings


day three 9968

Coffee Stained Lips


day three 9973

Untitled Four


day three 9969

Post from the Coast


day three 9972



day three 9971

When Seagulls Steal

Now that you’ve seen the t-shirts, you can hear the bands: Friday at six pm at Aurora in downtown Providence.

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